The World Bank Climate and Disaster Risk Screening Tools are a result of contributions from a wide range of sector and thematic specialists across the World Bank Group. We thank everyone who contributed to the design, approach, content, as well as the testing and validation at various stages of the tool development.
The Climate and Disaster Risk Screening Tools were developed by the World Bank Group’s Climate Change Vice-Presidency Unit. The Bank team, led by Kanta Kumari Rigaud, and a core team comprised of Ana Elisa Bucher, Raffaello Cervigni, Nathan Engle, Varuna Somaweera, Tobias Baedeker, Kazi Ahmed, Catherine Nakalembe, and Meerim Shakirova worked under the supervision of Jane Ebinger and Geeta Sethi. Advice on disaster risk component and datasets was provided by Sofia Bettencourt and Alanna Simpson. Rosina Bierbaum provided strategic and technical advice throughout the project. We would like to thank Maarten Van Aalst and all of the members of the Technical Advisory Team of the Climate Change Knowledge Portal, who guided the improvement of climate data access and visualization within the Portal.
Management oversight was provided by Rachel Kyte, James Close, Mary Barton Dock, Fionna Douglas, Marianne Fay and Karin Kemper. The team also received guidance from Sector Board management, including Jose Luis Irigoyen and Juergen Voegele. Robert Bisset, Bianca Adam, Stacy Morford, Annika Ostman, and Venkat Gopalakrishnan supported communication and outreach efforts to partners and the media. Samrawit Beyene, Patricia Braxton, Perpetual Boateng and Maria Cristina Sy provided valuable support to the team.
We acknowledge with gratitude ICF International and REI Systems for their contributions towards the development of the Climate and Disaster Risk Screening tools. The design of the tools benefited greatly from inputs from World Bank Group colleagues, including Anjali Acharya, Mitsuyoshi Asada, Pierre Audinet, Julie Babinar, John Baffes, George Banjo, Laura Bonzanigo, Benoit Bosquet, Henrike Brecht, Julia Bucknall, Mirianna Budimir, Ashley Camhi, Jack Campbell, Jean-Christophe Carret, Vikas Choudhary, Louis Croneberg, Christophe Crepin, Richard Damania, Andreas Dietrich Kopp, Hari Bansi Dulal, Irina Dvorak, Milen Dyoulerov, Svetlana Edmeades, Asif Faiz, Erick Fernandes, Armin Fidler, Marc Forni, Luis Garcia, Elisabeth Goller, Roger Gorham, Stephane Hallegate, Stephen Alan Hammer, Ellen Hamilton, Nagaraja Harshdeep Rao, Valerie Hickey, Astrid Hillers, Ross Hughes, Habiba Gitay, Yoshiyuki Imamura, Gabrielle Izzi, Michael Jacobsen, Robert Jauncey, Pravin Karki, Yoonhee Kim, Jolanta Kryspin-Watson, Camilla Israel Lema, Vanessa Lopes, Dahlia Lotayef, Catherine Lynch, Marcelino Madrigal, Marilia Magalhaes, Pier Mantovani, Muthukumara S. Mani, Montserrat Meiro-Lorenzo, Jean Baptiste Migraine, Carolina Monsalve, Laurent Msellati, Stephen Muzira, Maria Margareta Nunez, Samuel Oguah, Elisa Portale, Christopher Pusch, Jumana Qamruddin, Tamer Samah Rabie, Kulwinder Rao, Liana Razafindrazay, Robert Reid, Markus Repnik, Diego Rodriguez, Giovanni Ruta, Daniel Mira Salama, Artessa Saldivar-Sali, Maria Sarraf, Kavita Sethi, Jitendra Shah, Tara Shirvani, Iain Shuker, Vladimir Stenek, Michael Vaislic, Sonam Sultanali Velani, Milen Vollen, Pieter Waalewijn, Xiaoping Wang, Monika Weber-Fahr, Samuel Wedderburn, Marcus Wijnen, Marcus Wishart, and Carmen Yee.
We would like to thank dozens of other World Bank staff who participated in training sessions for their useful feedback and suggestions. We are also grateful to numerous University of Michigan graduate students for their valuable contributions at key stages of this work.
Finally, the tools benefited from contributions of other Multilateral Development Banks and Bilateral partners through the two workshops on Climate Screening and Risk Management convened by the World Bank and the German Government in March and November 2014.